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Langzhong ancient town

  Langzhong ancient town

Langzhoug it’s one of Four Great Towns of China with an excellent preserved architectural culture and the most friendly townspeople from my China trip.


One of my highlights from traveling in China was spending time in Langzhong, where for a couple of days I wandered around its 2300 year old ancient town trying my best to get lost.

Langzhong ancient town, a part of a larger Langzhong City, is a famous historical and cultural town. It was one of the birth places of numerous original Chinese cultures including Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the environment. Surrounded by river on three sides and with its back up against a mountain, Langzhong ancient town occupies the most auspicious location according to Feng Shui theory. The buildings of the town were also built in strict accordance with Feng Shui so it’s no wonder that the town boasts such great vibes; the friendliest people I met in China were here.

The town was also the astronomical research center of China from the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, it is regarded as one of the four greatest ancient towns in China, and it is the birthplace of the Chinese New Year. Most impressive is the fact that it is the only ancient town that has been preserved in the Sichuan Province.

The charm of the ancient town is totally intact as is the architecture and original cultures. It does not require much imagination to envision yourself in that spot hundreds of years ago and what it would have been like. Walking the streets of the ancient town provides a real feeling of living in an ancient time.

Located on the bank of the Jialing River, the town also stands out for it’s beautiful natural landscape. Nearby Jinping Mountain adds to the stunning scenery that this ancient town is a part of. This really is old China at its best.

You will not find crowds of foreign tourists in Langzhong ancient town, as you would in Lijang and other popular destinations, but you will meet many Chinese who are exploring the sights of their country. I met some local travelers in the courtyard of the small traditional house I was staying at and we shared an awesome dinner and enjoyable evening together.

There are small teahouses and food stalls scattered throughout the old town and you can really enjoy a peaceful, leisurely stroll through the streets as they are closed to vehicle traffic. A night-time stroll through town is also worth while as the after dark illuminations create a fantastic ambience. Guess what? This was also the birthplace of the Chinese Lantern.

Langzhong is truly a living ancient town and it was the best place I visited in China.














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