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Travel Into the South of France


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The Herault region in southern France has a strong cultural identity, deeply rooted traditions and a rich cuisine representative of it’s Mediterranean heritage and lifestyle.

I have been traveling a lot the past 12 years but I never really explored my home country. Last summer I went back to France for a couple of months and decided to spend some time discovering the area where I come from.

There are two distinct settings within the region – the hinterland backcountry and the coast – which I spent many days exploring by motorbike. The hinterland of Lower

The hinterland of Lower Languedoc, is the territory of vineyards, olive groves, orchards and ’’garrigue’’. It is a great place to get lost, especially in the heat of the summer as you can cool down swimming in the rivers and lakes. The 260,000 hectares of Haut Languedoc Natural Park has a diverse landscape, from vineyard to canyon, and is the perfect playground for wine touring, trekking or other outdoor activities.

The Mediterranean coast offers a different experience: picturesque fishing villages, seaside resorts and theme parks, tasty seafood restaurants, and a vibrant night life. There is 80+ km of beach to enjoy and relax on and many opportunities to experience the coastal traditional lifestyle.

Visitors to the region can also discover cultural and natural place highlights, including the quiet UNESCO World Heritage Canal du Midi which runs from the city of Toulouse down to the Mediterranean port of Sète the Venice of Languedoc. At Étang de Thau, a breeding ground for mussels and oysters, you can savour fresh picked oysters. The colourful Lac du Salagou, surrounded by countryside with an unusual burgundy-red coloured soil, makes for a memorbale hike. And there are many historical cities, rich in heritage, such as Pezenas or Minerve.

While traveling within the Hérault region you will enjoy its diverse geology and landscapse as well as it’s Mediterranean culture, traditions, and cuisine. As I discovered, the Herault region has many hidden gems for those who visit this part of Occitanie, in the Southeast of France.




























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